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Currently working remotely for a Copenhagen based startup and building a new kind of professional network platform out of project history🔥. More update on this later.

I software engineered at Resto-G(intern), Mozilla (contributor), StudioYou (intern) and Creatella (part-time dev). Each was a unique experience owing to their different company cultures and phases the respective companies were at.

I have also interned at IIM Lucknow in Data Science and Anaytics.

Somehow everything remote till date.


Below is a some of what of I have done so far.
  • Screenshot of the extension's panel opened and in use in devtools

    Web Extension - A11y Gradient

    Chrome Extension
    Developer Tools
    • It gives you contrast ratio (accessibility standards) for text against each pixel of multi-colored backgrounds.
    • Chrome developer tools gives you contrast ratio of text against only monochromatic backgrounds.
    • There are so many sites using gradients or images as backgrounds. The texts are not accessible because there is no tool to assess them.
    • This tool will help you fix those issues. You can compare background against text color, text border and even element border. There is no specification for element borders but I think it might help in making better visually appealing UIs.
  • Open Source Saga @Mozilla

    • Contributed to multiple projects at Taskcluster a task execution framework that supports Mozilla’s CI and release process.
    • Wrote taskcluster-lib-pulse v2
    • Improved experience of Firefox Profiler and added inactive css feature in Inspector Tools, FixMe Project etc
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  • Landing page of studioyou website

    StudioYou Webstore

    React Hooks
    Design Systems
    Amazon Lightsail
    • Webstore is my baby because I build it from scratch. Apart from this, I contributed slightly to their CRM and main site which actually helped me in many ways.
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  • Webpage showing list of restaurant cards having buttons to favourite them as well

    Restaurant Reviews App

    Vanilla JS
    Background Sync
    • Works offline to the extend that you can add reviews offline and automatically send to server when connectivity restores, made during the Google India Scholarship program
  • Typical food ordering website showing items ordered and add to cart

    Restaurant Ecommerce

    Material UI
    • Features include add to card, payment, oauth. Took flow inspiration from Swiggy,Zomato,Flipkart.
  • Questionaire having language options of hindi, english and bengali


    Tree Traversal
    Github Actions
    • Primary level detection for Covid 19 signs to detect, monitor and avail suggestions via some simple questions asked by an application. Decision tree is being populated by medical researchers.

Project in mind

I at times find the need to compare files. Hence a cli to easliy compare different files. filediffer-cli

Certifications / Courses

  • Computer architecture and organization by IIT Kharagpur and NPTEL (Top 5%)
  • Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree by Udacity and Google
  • Problem Solving (Advanced) Hackerrank
  • Programming, data structures and algorithms by IIT Madras and NPTEL (top 5%)


  • I am happy to recommend Biboswan Roy on LinkedInHe has successfully completed a remote internship in DATA SCIENCE AND ANALYTICS under my guidance.The duration of the internship was 4 weeks.During this time, the following topics/issues were covered: R ProgrammingBasic concepts of Data AnalyticsBasic Statistics and EconometricsApplying these basic concepts to solve business cases published by Harvard Business SchoolA capstone project on Data Analytics using R programming
    Prof. Sameer Mathur
    Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
    Associate Professor, Marketing (IIM Lucknow)
  • broy27 have been contributing to taskcluster and involved in discussions around the upcoming taskcluster-events refactoring.
    Jonas Finnemann Jensen
    Ex-Mozilla, Software Engineer at Google
  • As part of the responsibilities of the Student Ambassador, Biboswan Roy was the formal representative of IMAD to various educational institutes in the region. Student ambassadors visited colleges and interacted with both professors and students, actively promoted the course on social media and helped to spread awareness about the course. With their help and significant contribution, IMAD became the largest MOOC in India, with 127,000+ registrations.
    Dr. Gaurav Raina
    Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras