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A Software Engineer

physically based in India, inclined towards the web (frontend but fullstackish). Loves open source, tech communities, green tea (not coffee) and dancing too. Google Udacity Scholar 2k18 and a Mozillian.

Building interfaces got me interested lately into Human Computer Interaction because I had always tried to understand why humans behave the way they do. Still I like to kinda meddle in both frontend and backend aspects of software and beyond if possible.

Open to write code in any programming language but if it can be done with Javascript, would certainly do so.

Despite securing a seat in IIIT, I had to continue my computer science engineering degree from a tier-3 college because I wasn’t allowed to leave my hometown and study in a different city. Things have changed now though. Kudos to free online education, I think I have made up abit for that, to the point where college tag may not matter that much.